During course setup, the instructor determines the interval of time between a formal lecture and the due date for student-authored questions to be submitted, whether editing and resubmission of a flawed question is permitted, and the duration of time when quizzes can be undertaken to earn participation marks (if earning participation marks is allowed).

In this example flowchart, the lecture occurs on day 0, and the author has 3 days to submit. TAs begin to grade questions after day 4 and are encouraged to complete their work within a few days. If editing is permitted, a flawed question is returned to the student author with guidance for corrections and can be resubmitted within 2 days of grading (or it expires). With regard to quiz participation, note that, given the deadlines for authoring, quiz questions do not begin to populate the quiz bank until day 3–4. If the quiz participation deadline is 14 days, this affords students ∼7–10 days to take quizzes to earn participation marks.